Cancer is the #1 cause of natural death in teens and adolescents.

1 in 5 adolescents struggle with asthma every day.

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Guys are more likely to develop cancer and they have lower survival rates.

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Every year, there are enough teens and twenty-somethings diagnosed with mental health disorders to repopulate LA.

4 million teens and adolescents has asthma in 2005. That's more than the entire population of Puerto Rico.

What you
don’t know
can kill you.

gen eff provides early detection and disease prevention information to adolescents and young adults to raise health care and risk awareness.

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How about you?

Have you ever talked to a psychologist or counselor?

Many people are embarrassed to seek mental health help because they're afraid of what people will think. We say who gives a crap - there's nothing more important than feeling at home in your own skin, and sometimes a psychologist can get you there.

still do

no way

thinking about it


Jeffrey Newbauer seemed like a healthy, normal teenager when he left for college. When he didn't feel good and went to the University Clinic, he didn't know his health history, he didn't tell his parents, and he trusted the doctor to make the right call. When the doctor dismissed him with a prescription, he didn't ask questions. Three years later, Jeffrey was dead— this rare form of cancer was diagnosed too late.

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It's up to US. We can make a difference in this world— we are the leaders of change. Raise awareness, raise money, and raise your voice to tell everyone that we are at risk, and we need to know our family's health histories.

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