About Our Mission

Our Mission

We have one goal: to make sure what happened to Jeffrey Newbauer-death at 22 because of a medical misdiagnosis-never happens to you.

gen eff provides early detection and disease prevention information to adolescents and young adults (AYAs) to raise health care and risk awareness. Through education, this population will become empowered to be advocates in a complicated system where they are often overlooked.

We believe if we get the right information to every teenager and twenty-something in America, you'll be able to take your health into your own hands, instead of going unheard in a health care system that doesn't always take the time to stop and listen. We'll make sure you get the facts-all of them-so that you can make your own smart decisions. We'll show you how to get your health history. and share it so doctors really listen. We'll put you in touch with people whose stories might change the way you look at life and death. Basically, we'll never shut up because that's what Jeffrey wanted.

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