About Other Things You Can Do

Other Things You Can Do

...to spread the word that AYAs are at risk for serious disease:

  • Get everyone you know, friends & family, to learn their family's health history.
  • Learn Jeffrey's story and tell it to everyone you know.
  • Become a friend of gen eff on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.
  • Tell everyone you know to visit geneff.org

to raise money

  • Talk your parents into donating to gen eff.
  • Get your school involved; plan a fundraiser to benefit gen eff & AYA research.
  • Organize a 5K or a 10k trail run or a bike tour.
  • Post gen eff donation boards in your school. (Ask first.)
  • Throw a music fest and plaster the place with gen eff facts and statistics.
  • Have a car wash - or a dog wash. Raise money, and spread the word while you're drying their car!
  • Ask for item donations and have an auction or raffle.
  • Show a movie. At intermission, take the stage and share risk statistics for AYAs.
  • Get involved and demand that the American Cancer Society and other similar organizations support AYA research.