Post Surgery Thoughts

Posted on 07/08/16

This recovery is stupid easy so far. I woke up in the PACU conscious, no pain, and making conversation! Now I had a nerve block pain pump running into my beck and a drain into my shoulder and on top of my incision. I was all tubed up. Staying in the hospital was easy, except for going to the bathroom. Let me tell you, my girlfriend and I are much much closer now that she's had to very intimately help me urinate. The hospital food was fun, and I had so many visitors that my nurses got annoyed (I think). I would be walking in the hall and the elevator would open and more of my people would appear! Constant party train of snacks and laughs. I even schmoozed my way into getting permission to walk down, through the hospital, and go outside. I was a mobile son of a bitch! But after 2.5 days in, I was discharged. The following days were easy as well; just lots of pills to take on a schedule and inconvenience of using my arm. Now, I'm a week and a half post-op, I only have a sling on and occasional light bandages to keep things healthy. My goals from my doctor are to stretch my arm at full range of motion, and I'm doing well! It's fun showing people my gnarly arm- 30 stitches and weird contortion. Physical therapy is soon to ensue, and I still can't totally show so I'm covered in remnants of weird stuff they rub on me during surgery. Its been an exciting past two weeks.