sleepless at 5am this morning

Posted on 07/20/16

I was wondering how long it would take for everything to hit me and I'd be forced to reflect on the last 6 months. Each year we think about how ridiculous the past year was, and what all can change in 365 days. 2016 has been the weirdest whirlwind of a year.

In half a year I got diagnosed with cancer and got it out, and now I'm recovering. By December, my girlfriend and I will A-OK to move to the west coast like we've been planning. So much is contained in one year, and come 2017 I'll be living a different life, but always carrying the same risk that health insurance companies will suck my money for.

Half a year is fast, but could it have been faster? The system does a great job as-is now, because I'm alive and well and my final margins are negative. But as we reflect, there were periods of time that we could've said "fuck the formalities, this could be cancer" right away. I know other sarcoma survivors that were tossed doctor to doctor, several unsure of if it's cancer, and then what kind of cancer. For more rural areas, this is a small frequency of cancer cases that leave the doctors there unsure when something rare walks through the door.

How do we reduce that delay in diagnosis, and develop a system that gives enables everyone to be aware of their health and family health history? How do we enable the smaller hospital networks with the information to accurately identify and treat even the rarest of cancers?