back to normal...almost

Posted on 08/09/16

Keeping up with my "cancer log" videos and blogs has gotten hard as we've stretched ourselves into August already...Once everything's said and done, after surgery, I really don't have much to share. My arm is still annoyingly not straight and hurts sometimes. We're just working hard to make sure the big ass incision down my upper arm heals cleanly.

One thing that keeps coming up, is the risk of relapsing. My girlfriend Sydney and I plan to move to the West coast within the next few months, and there's the thought in the back of my mind where if something shows up on a scan before we leave, we've gotta stay. At least until it gets figured out. That sets the stage for what we accept as cancer patients for the rest of our lives: there is always the risk of reoccurance, but we mustn't live by that notion. By no means would we limit our lives and dreams by that diagnosis, unless your dream is to have a low deductible on your health insurance. If so, sorry, we're in that shit together. Ultimately, what I'm getting at, is that there isn't any time live like a worry-wart. I believe you should always live like you're dying, but never worry that you are. The grass will be much greener, I promise.