A Different Outlook

Posted on 11/09/16

It's November already- 6 months since I was diagnosed. A very short whirlwind of half a year anyone could go through.

As my arm is almost straight again from lots of work and recovery, I'm noticing my subtle changes in attitude towards life. Sometimes stronger than other times, but I lost the desire to stress and care about the little problems in life. Of course, this may come as stupid to the average person. But think about it- how often are you driving and find yourself pissed at the slow ass person in front of you doing some dumb shit? It's a start, but just enjoy the drive and give them the benefit of the doubt. I realized down to my core that I'm trying to focus on the greener grass instead of the patch that the dogs dug up.

Just a thought, but I always envied people who could live above the bullshit. I suppose it took the opportunity to face death for it to dawn on me.