I'm going to miss radiation

Posted on 06/06/16

Yeah, it's stupid to say I'm going to miss my radiation treatments. No one usually missed waking up early every day to go to the hospital and get under a machine so it can zap... read more

the people you meet

Posted on 05/20/16

It goes without saying, but you meet a lot of people in your life. A lot of those people are most likely intentional, but I love the people you meet unintentionally. The ones who you... read more

daily routine

Posted on 05/10/16

It's pretty damn great to be boring, for once. Going in to the doctor and telling them nothing unusual hurts, I'm not shitting out of my mouth and vomiting out of my ass, and all... read more

nodes are clear!

Posted on 04/27/16

You heard it! My lymph nodes are clear. The cancer is localized to just my left bicep, and nothing more. I knew it deep down, so it just assured me that I should keep chugging... read more

i have a tube in me

Posted on 04/23/16

My armpit is shaved too! I just had a sentinel lymph node biopsy on my left arm. It hurts, and to top it off, I have a tube that's about 2-6 inches deep inside of... read more