Posted on 04/17/16

Am I losing my mind too? You guys would never believe the types of mental exhaustion you go through with being diagnosed with cancer. Honestly, getting told "Ross, you have a sarcoma" was the easiest part.... read more

the irony

Posted on 04/13/16

The irony of this situation is what really gets me. This family of cancer consists of 1% of all cancer diagnosis each year. That's about 14,000 cases out of all cases of cancer in the... read more

the next day

Posted on 04/11/16

The 'next day' is always the weirdest. Waking up after a weekend of partying, waking up after falling asleep in front of the TV while buried under a foot of Tostitos and Flaming Hot Cheetos,... read more

The Last 5 Years... Jeffrey Newbauer

Posted on 10/25/11

The last 5 years without our Jeffrey has been a long time undoubtedly, though the memories he gave us won't even leave us. Personally, looking back upon the last 5 years without him, it's unreal.... read more

the history behind gen eff

Posted on 05/12/10

Here's our follow-up to "What the eff is gen eff?", the most recent post. Don't even ask what the eff is what the eff is gen eff, because it's just pointless. So assuming you've read,... read more