What the eff is gen eff?

Posted on 05/09/10

Ask yourself, what is gen eff? You don't know? Well, good. Because that's why we're here to help. For the people who want to quickly read about us and then go play a game of... read more

Afraid to Ask? Learn to Talk to Your Family About Health: part I

Posted on 04/20/10

For some people, it's really difficult to talk to their family about their health and what could lead to their death. I've got some tips and things to help all you strugglers with your discussion... read more

The Effects of Stress On Teens

Posted on 03/21/10

Well, welcome back to blogging. Today's article pertains to why I haven't been able to report for you all. Teen Stress. Straight up everyone, our kinds of stress causes are school, friends, relationships, family, work,... read more

Car-Owning Teens: Crash Chances High

Posted on 01/01/10

All young teens have that rush to want to be 15 or 16 to get their drivers license and have their own car to just cruise around and act all: "zomgz i have a car... read more

Will Your Facebook Give You Disease?

Posted on 12/20/09

Well, here's an issue that could cause the downfall of us all, our Facebook addictions could increase risks of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and dementia. Doctors are claiming that illness can be caused by the... read more