Thanksgiving Day is National Family Health History Day

Posted on 11/09/09

To most teens, we don't know about our family's health history or anything that's gone on in the past, if our grandparents died of some freaky disease or whatever. So this week, I have some... read more


Posted on 11/01/09

You inherit many things from your family including how tall you are, your eye color and risks for certain diseases and illness. When members of your family share health problems, you might be at... read more

Deer Planned to Swarm Roads This Fall

Posted on 10/28/09

My friends, deer mating season is upon us with the upcoming season change. You probably cringed with that fact, but they have sweethearts too. With love-filled deer roaming the woods, the risk of deer/vehicle collisions... read more

Swine Flu: Are You Crazy 'Bout The Piggy?

Posted on 10/15/09

As we all know, it's the season of the H1N1, otherwise known as Swine Flu. Word up is there is only half of Americans want the swine flu shot, and a third of parents oppose... read more

Will You Be Diagnosed An 'Internet Junkie'?

Posted on 09/19/09

Psychiatrists are checking out the new idea that internet addiction could be a new mental illness in the 21st century. So do you think that your intense Facebooking and Tweeting could lead you to a... read more